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Honda CX Turbo

Honda CX Turbo
  • Honda VT turbo
    Honda VT turbo
  • VTX Turbo
    VTX Turbo
  • VTX 1800Turbo
    VTX 1800Turbo

Turbocharged Honda VT-s , VTX-s

The air filter, the exhaust and the jet-kit tuning have been mentioned on this blog earlier, but the turbo is an absolutely new story.

Apple does not fall far from the tree after all, as the first turbo-charged serial motor in the world also was the V2 Honda: the CX500 and the CX650 Turbo models. While the base CX500 had 50 Hp, the turbo's one reached 82 Hp, in case of CX650 the base model had 65 Hp and the turbo had 100 Hp. But, the irregular, intermittent exhaust fume flow of the V2 engine makes it difficult to convert to turbo version, and so the serial production of these extraordinary motors has been stopped relatively shortly.

There are no serial turbo-charged VT Honda models, but the passionate love of the fans is unlimited, so many of them have already rebuilt their Shadow or VTX to turbo version. The opinions are divided on how this rebuild wears out the serial components, and I also do not want to take a stand about it.

What is sure, at this pressure these engines are brutally pushed and it gives the owners the unique experience of the rocket man.



VTX Turbo burnout

VTX Turbo burnout