"Honda Shadow, VT, Steed, Spirit, Aero, Sabre, VTX, Fury... the great custom bikes!"

The blog was refreshed with new pictures!

Our bikes

The numerous years that we have spent together with these bikes have showed u how grandiose machines are they and we experienced that also with modifications they preserve they technical and aestethic values.
The modifications must be done with proper expertness and style to keep the safe handling beside the individual and nice appearance.

  • „Griffi”

    Our next machine is based on a VT750 DC Spirit from 2001.
    This modell is the brother of the great 750 C2 Shadow, with very good engine and driving mechanism but little bit fancier with black cylinders, and much more chrome on the block covers.
    The character of this bike is absolutely different from the old cruiser-looking C2. This motorcycle is a modification base of a bobber or even a low rider. If we look on this bike we see a different and unique style. When we built this bike the main goal was the uniqueness, to create harmony beyond the different little parts.

    The name comes from the Phoenix bird which can bee see int he frame. Unfortunetly ’Griffi’ suffered an accident in 2011 and its rebuilding is unsure.
    Please, everybody ride safe!!

  • „Double Freedom” at halftime

    From riding a motorcycle the word freedom occurs to everybody, with good reason.
    When I rode a Shadow 600 I was always thinking about it so I dubbed it „Freebike”.
    The dynamics of the engine, his form, the setting position, all of them cleared up the sensation of riding a motorcycle.
    How can it be doubled? An old double carburettor one, with four-gear shift, which gives a wonderful experience with his fascinating performance.
  • some idle speed adjustment

    "Retrospect Iron"

    The next transformed machine is also a VT1100, what is an old friend's of ours property.
    One of the essences of the transformation was to change of the factory colour. The black-beige colour combination selected by the owner with varnished tank this machine quotes the design of the 30’ s, really retro motorcycles
    The ’Green with the thickbar’ VT1100 C3 had a big effect on the owner, that gave the idea to make a thick handlebar with hidden control parts. The aim that let us keep original sketching but some tinier changes let the feeling of strengthem the machine.
  • D.F. in green

    ...And finally it’s done!!!

    We were working on it for a long while with expertise and i spent a lot of money for it but finally the first old school chopper of our team is done! That’s a VT 600 Honda Shadow named „Double Freedom”.
  • with the builders

    Steed Bob is halfway.

    Our team has a VLX 400 Steed Honda but last time we built an old school chopper Double Freedom from a Shadow 600. Now it is a real challenge and we need to create another style.


  • The "Steedbob"

    Our Honda VLX Bobber is done and called „Steed Bob”

    It’s been a long time but finally Our Team’s first Bobber, which was made from a Honda Steed 400, is finished and done.
  • The owners and the team

    The Saxon-style is done!

    We had some work to do but finally our AHSH team’s new bike called Saxon-style VT 600 Shadow is done!
  • 2-nd prize

    The „Green with a Thick handlebar"

    It is an American made Honda Shadow 1100 C3 from 1998. With few modifications with lots of unique, self-made parts and lots of extra chrome.
    Its nick name is from a leader of a Hungarian brand seller, and it’s due to  its colour and the 32 mm diameter handlebar, in which the wires of control parts are hiding.
  • The designer and the Fury

    The Flowerstoker Fury finally completely finished!

    The last stage before the handover of bike: photography. We're excited to pay attention to the photographer's instructions. Fortunately, the weather is nice the environment, and not least the Fury, which is fully complete after a great deal of labor.
  • With pretty girl in AMTS 2017

    …and it’s done!

    At the beginning of the 2017 bike season our Boardracer old school bobber is done!
  • My number:16!

    The Blue Sixteen is done!

    Our friend, Peter, has been using enduro bikes for 20 years and nowadays he made a new decision.