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  • The stuffed exhaust end
    The stuffed exhaust end
  • The Shadow on lifter
    The Shadow on lifter

Honda VT storage in winter time.

Winter comes and the children are happy but it's not good for the bikers coz need to leave the bikes in garages. I have a comfortable garage but there's no any heater or radiator there and when it's cold i often use an infrared lamp. I always wash and wax my bikes before winter.

The tank is full of petrol and that's why won't be rusty. I put the bike on a small stand and the sprung parts and the handlebar bearing won't be loaded or weighted. When a bike is in a garage for a long time the tyre can get deformity during the storage because the bike is heavy and it presses the tyre. The deformed tyre can hit a big when we wanna use the bike in spring time again. I put my Shadow on a small stand in the middle by my own designed lifter. We can use the traditional lifter for 600 and 750 models but gotta use a special lifter for 1100 because of engine block.

The engine block is deeper like the frame and when we use the special lifter need to lift up both sides of cradle frame and not the engine block. We mustn't lift up the bike at engine block or oil filter coz might be damaged ! When i lift up the bike the tyres touch the floor a little bit and the weight will be divided everywhere. If you have a cold garage then check out the antifreeze liquid and if it's low add more concentrate.

Take out the accumulator ( battery ) and put it into a warm place. Start the engine and when the cooler fan works stop the engine. When the exhaust pipe got dry, close the end of pipe. It's important coz the valves might be rusty because of damp air. I start the engine 2 or 3 times during the winter and the oil greases the parts of engine block...and it's good to hear the sound of Shadow’s engine. Use glycerin based oil or lotion for rubber and leather things. ((Don't use any lotion or oil for the tread coz it's gonna be slippery and might be an accident... and i don't want you to hate me ! )

Afterwards cover the bike some kind of cloth or yellow back and say goodbye for a little while.

Greetings. A.A

The right lifting

The right lifting