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  • An old Harley schetch
    An old Harley schetch

Honda VT Shadow ain't a Harley clone.

To tell the truth this brand was the second ( the Indian was the first ) in the world. The VT bikes spread and created a cult....and this brand survived the other bikes which appeared and disappeared ( like for example Henderson Excelsior and so on... )

From 80s the most of Japanese factories "have gotten some ideas" from old and classical bikes like for example style. Harley had a lots of follower too. If we make a study of this topic then we are gonna see some kind of older ideas from other types of disappeared bike ( like in 30s the post art déco style ).
About our favorite Honda VT Shadow models : We can say that the first "soft chopper" bikes deviated from older series ( what I mentioned previously ) like technical conditions or style. It's including 6 valves, liquid cooling and this engine was built with transmission, cardan drive, rich in appliance, design and appearance. So...these technical conditions point at Honda factory focused the modern, reliable and easy handling bikes. They've gotten a lots of criticism like for example : "A real chopper doesn't need a pile of appliances. These bikes ain't got no any strong character and not too loud like a real chopper". In 1988 Honda factory made the best model called VT 600.


This V2 engine block's got cranks which was planted in the crankshaft, chain drive, classical design, fewer appliance and was loud like a real chopper. That was beyond all expectations in front of the other chopper factories. ...and that is not a Harley copy or clone !!! It's got a big, slim first wheel and a thick 170 cm back wheel. The older american models hadn't any characteristic like this. The beautiful drop-shaped tank of this VT 600 and its size are good for this series. So...this Honda Shadow chopper is a unique chopper. A couple of years after Honda made the VT 1100 C2 at the american factory and those models have gotten some criticisms too like for example : "Those are just copies and clones". It's got 45 V. Grade, V2 running gear, bigger piston displacement, cardan-drive and beautiful classical appearance. ( To tell the truth the HD's got 45 V. Grade too but it's got another kind of system like dry sump lubrication and air cooling.)

Honda used the liquid cooling about these models as well. Appearance and design make a good impression on both models. C2 is a simple one and C3's got sphere shaped, rounded fenders and tyre with white stripes just like in the 30s. These shapes look like old Indians chief models and not like any Harley bike. Honda designers made these shapes and those are their own jobs. In my judgement those are more beautiful like the other cruisers what was made before. ( I gotta mention of Kawasaki Drifter models...those look like any Indian chief copies ).

People say about the fender of C3 Aero in front that's a good and unique form. Appearance and size of tank is perfect as well. In short it's beautiful. I can say the same opinion about the new VT and VTX models too. In short: The Honda Shadow ain't a copy but it's a real unique bike... nice appearance and reliable. I commemorate the old V2 and the manufacturers with respect too coz this style was invented by them and that's why we can use these cool VTs.

Greetings: Á.A.

VT 600  Bobber

VT 600 Bobber

The calssic 1100 c3 Aero

The calssic 1100 c3 Aero